Monday, May 16, 2011

63KM Cycling Route : Merbok - Pulau Bunting - Sri Perigi - Merbok

63KM Cycling Route : Merbok - Pulau Bunting - Sri Perigi - Merbok
It was a rainy day when we started our trip to Jambatan Pulau Bunting. We make stop at Petronas Yan to inflate my tires. Heavy rain started to pour while we at petrol station and we decided to continued our journey in order not to wasting our time and then we make turn at Sungai Udang rural route until we exit at Sungai Yan main road. Heading straight to Kuala Sedaka and at the end of the road we had experience an off road before entering the bridge. Arriving at 1130 hours.

We spend more than hour at the Island (Pulau Bunting) before continued our journey  to Sri Perigi Waterfall, Yan. We decided to use new route beside of waterways/canal, we takes some pictures at the canal and rice fields. What a nice picture with paddy fields and Mount Jerai as it background!!. The clock show that 1302 hours! We need lunch!. We had our lunch after reaching Pekan Sungai Yan,  then continued to Sri Perigi Waterfall and arrive at 1415 hours. Enjoying the cold water of Sri Perigi and refreshing our body before continuing our journey home. 

At 1600, we headed home  with full of enjoyment and experience!! 

p/s: My crotch are in pain!! 

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